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在项目初期调研中我们发现市面上教育机构的品牌设计和概念大多中规中矩。新兴品牌作为破局者,Cadd9 需要审美与独特的视觉传达,我们为此进行了品牌视觉的设计与品牌精神的建立。

Cadd9 是音乐中常用的和弦之一,一个正常的大三和弦加上一个9音Re,3512(和弦内音)斜向上的音符是它的一种写法 ,也是logo主要表达方式,可以说Cadd9 本身就是一个不言自明的符号,但它并非一种形式也可以是 1523/1325/ 1352等等,相同音节之间的不同变化构成了不同音色的Cadd9。

我们利用音乐中和弦的这一特点,让C A D D 9 五个字符成为了组成Cadd9这个和弦的音节,利用乐谱中音乐符号的律动和标注中字体的节奏间隔,构建出品牌视觉的丰富延展性与统一性。用视觉的语言来表现音乐的节奏感。使整套视觉看起来像是跳动的乐符与乐谱,既能传达信息,又产生音乐的联想,与品牌产生强关联。

在字体上,我们将品牌名称中的 d 字母代入二分音符(二分音符本身的造型就很美),利用二分音符的字体特点,设计出一套与之匹配的 26 个英文字母和 常用的数字符号,并参考了乐谱中符号的标记方式制定了品牌字体之间的连音用法。后面我们设计与编曲了动态的声音logo,贯彻统一的视觉语言,让品牌视觉即统一又不单调。

In the initial survey of the project, we found that most of the educational institutions' designs and concepts on the market are mostly conventional. As an innovational brand, Cadd9 values both unique and aesthetical expression. Therefore, we carried out the visual design of our brand's vision, and established its concept and spirit.

Cadd9 is one of the most common chords in music, a normal C major triad with an additional note D. “3 5 1 2” (chord tone) which leans to the top from the bottom is one way of its handwriting on music scores, and it is the main theme of our logo. In other words, Cadd9 is a symbol that already speaks for itself in numerous ways, like 1523 , 1325, 1352 and so on; putting its chord tone in different orders would create different colours of sounds.

We used the feature of this chord to make these five characters "C A D D 9" as its literal syllables, and used the rhythm of the musical notation and interval of the font in the label to build a rich extension and unity of the brand vision. We used Language to express the rhythm of music, and make the whole vision look like grooving musical notes and music scores, which not only conveys information, but also generates musical inspiration, and connects strongly with the brand.

As for the font, we substituted the letter "d" in the brand name into a half note (half notes have beautiful shape itself), used the characteristics of this font to draw out a design-set of 26 English letters and commonly used digital symbols to match it. We also referred the notation of the symbols in the music score to formulate the liaison between each letter. Then, we created and arranged a dynamic sound logo to carry out a unified visual language, so that the brand's vision is both unified and abundant.